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Tell Us Your Story!

We love to hear from our members and share their great experiences with our Credit Union!

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  • Why I joined GCAFCU
    My mom and dad started an account at Grove City Federal Credit Union and have nothing but great things to say!
  • New Member… Again
    I used to bank here, but for unforeseen reasons, we parted ways. I needed a reliable financial institution again and didn’t think twice before going back to GCAFCU!!
  • Word of Mouth
    A lot of friends and family have accounts here and they told me about the great rates! I wanted to be able to take advantage of these rates for myself because who doesn’t want to save money?
  • You are a Person

    I have always loved GCAFCU. They treat you like a person and not just another account or a number in the books. They actually care about you. They have great rates too.

  • Owner Abstract Company

    My Father worked at Cooper Bessemer and I worked at Cooper Bessemer. My mother had all her accounts here and my sister has all her accounts here. Now I have accounts here!