Savings Rates


Account TypeDividend Rates APY*Term
Regular Shares**
2nd Quarter 20180.25%0.25%n/a
1st Quarter 20180.25%0.25%n/a
4th Quarter 20170.25%0.25%n/a
3rd Quarter 20170.25%0.25%n/a
Share Certificates***
1.00%1.00%6 Months
1.25%1.25%12 Months
1.35%1.35%18 Months
Special 19 Months
with a minimum deposit of $500.00
1.50%1.50%19 Month Special
1.50%1.50%24 Months
Money Market
$2,500.00 - $49,999.990.55%0.55%n/a
$50,000.00 - $249,999.990.70%0.70%n/a
$250,000 +0.85%0.85%n/a

Effective as of July 1, 2018
*APY = Annual Percentage Yield
** $50.00 minimum balance required to earn dividends.
*** $2,000.00 minimum deposit, a penalty may be imposed for early withdrawals.
Rates are subject to change without notice. Contact the credit union for the most current rate.