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Loan Services

Get Your Keys Ready!

Get started with a variety of loans at LOW rates from Grove City Area FCU!

We’re on a mission to help you:

INCREASE your credit score,
DECREASE your monthly payments,
ELIMINATE high interest rate credit card balances, and
PROTECT your credit, credit score, home and vehicles so they’re never taken away from you!

New and Used Auto

Including motorcycles. GAP Coverage and Mechanical Repair Coverage available

Boat, ATV, Trailers

Or anything similar with a legal title

Visa Platinum Card


Visa Rewards Card


Holiday / Vacation

Share Secured

Credit Builder



Mortgages and Home Equity Loans

80% / 20% Loan to value

Land only
Home Equity : 1st and 2nd Lien

Life, Disability, and Unemployment protection
is available for each loan

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Debt Protection
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