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5 Star Credit Review

5 Star Credit Review

Sensible solutions to improve your credit and put SAVINGS into your pocket

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REFRESH Your Credit!

1. Request a FREE credit check-up
2. Improve your credit score
3. Reap the SAVINGS

At GCAFCU, we want to help you attain a worry-free financial life. Areas to consider are your credit score, monthly payments, and rates you’re paying on loan and credit card balances.

Your Credit Score:

  • It’s a number between 300 and 850 – scores below 600 are considered low; scores above 720 are excellent. Our goal is to get you into the 720 CLUB so you can reap the SAVINGS, resulting in lower loan rates, preferred pricing on insurance, and more!
  • We’ll review your credit report with you. If we find errors, which tend to lower your score, we’ll share steps to correct them and other habits to improve your score.

Your Monthly Payments:

  • Consider what you’re currently paying on your loans and credit cards. If we can restructure your loans and help you save, we’ll pay you UP TO $100!*
  • We’ll also go over other bills to determine potential areas to save.

Reap The Benefits:

The more you understand what impacts your credit, the more power you gain! Call us to schedule an appointment!

*$50 cash credited to account once loan is closed for loan amounts from $5,000 to $9,999, and $100 cash credited to account once loan is closed; minimum of $10,000.
Contact credit union for details.